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Layla Taj is an international star Egyptian Belly dancer. Egyptian style is the most regal and highly skilled belly dancing in the world, known for it's shimmies and great skill of movements. Ms. Taj has mastered the art of Egyptian dance and brings to events powerful music scores from Egypt and lavish glamorous costumes and dancing that drops the jaws all throughout her show. 


Mini Belly Dance Show


  • 15 minute show

  • Affordable

  • Perfect for small events

  • Belly dance with a prop

  • Includes audience participation

Classic Belly Dance Show

  • 20 minute show

  • Great for birthday parties in home

  • Great for weddings on a budget

  • Belly dance with props

  • Dance with the guest of honor 

  • Audience participation with guests.

I can custom design a show just for your event . Inquire within               941.889 9966

Deluxe Belly Dance Show

  • 30 minute show

  • Two 15 minute sets

  • Costume change

  • Great for weddings and private events

  • Belly dance with props

  • Dance with the guest of honor in each sets

  • Audience participation with guests.


LAYLA TAJ is an international Egyptian style belly dancer. She has conquered the many genres of the entertainment industry with worldly attainment and prestige.  Born in Long Beach, New York, her journey in the performing arts began as a child. Layla's mother : a beauty queen GAPA (Miss Greece) and SAG actress/singer matriculated Layla in ballet classes at the Rockville Center Ballet Academy and in oriental dance when she was just nine years old. Dance training and classical piano indoctrination was part of Layla's itinerary on a daily basis.

Following her academics in school, Layla composed numerous music demos and acquired three major record deals. She was branded a successful recording artist landing her hit single on the Billboard chart. Her career set the high standard of artist professionalism early on in the Performing Arts but Layla longed to return to her first love " Dancing. "  
Layla sought out the primary master teachers overseas, she was dedicated to learning the classical style of Egyptian Orientale .. She soon discovered top master teachers residing in Germany. Layla then emigrated to Europe and began seeking out classes with the top master teachers from Cairo such as Raqia Hassan, Mahmoud Reda and Mohammed Gadawwi.  Mohammed Gadawwi met up with Layla one evening with her friend . He bluntly remarked " There are dancers and there are stars, Layla is a star ! ".  This comment fueled her artistic impetus for years to come. 



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Dr. Mo Geddawi,

Master Egyptian Teacher Choreographer

"There are dancers and there are stars, Layla is a star."

Mrs. Marcy Hunt,


"Your performance was the highlight of the most important day of my life. Thank you Ms. Taj"

Linda Hamilton

"My husbands surprise birthday bash was just incredible because of you Layla !  A million thanks! "


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