Layla Taj offers tasteful  high end belly dance performances for  weddings, private parties and cultural programs . Booking is easy . 

Booking Procedure

  • Pick a show 

  • Fill out request form (Check for Availability) or scroll down below

  • Pay by clicking paypal button or send a check 2 weeks before event

  • Contact Layla Taj for specifics or details at 941 889 9966


Preparations and Notes 

Provide a parking space for dancer in your driveway, she will be arriving with props and equipment or be sure she is greeted by a valet at no charge at more formal venues. 

  • Free up as much space as possible. It makes for a better show.

  • Make sure the floor of the dance space is clean, loose carpets are removed and the guests are seated.

  • Dancer will arrive 10-15 min early.  Be sure designated greet person is present when dancer arrives.

  •  Provide a secure and private dressing room where she can change into her costume and leave her personal belongings .

  • Dressing room should have a mirror, bathroom and cold beverage such as Evian water in room for dancer and her driver/assistant.

  • Where hot meals are served, a meal is expected for dancer and her assistant after the show . 

  • Sound system for music is provided for small events under 30 people. More guests or larger events require a DJ. We have a DJ we use and offer great packages. Inquire within.

  • Tipping is a standard way to show appreciation for a belly dancer and it is welcome during the show or after the show.


  • videographer must sign a permission to film form before filming the dancer.

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