Salome's Dance of the Seven Veils

Salome's True Story Synopsis


The story of Salome and her famous dance is a genuine biblical story.

Salome was the daughter of Queen Herodias and the stepdaughter of King Herod Antipas ruler of Galilee and Palestine.


It is  mentioned in Josephus's Jewish Antiquities:

1)Book XVIII  [Chapter 5,4 ]

And in scripture in Matthew of the New Testament:

2) Matthew [14:3-12] and Mark [6:17-29].


Salome is used as her mothers tool of vengeance against John the Baptist, whom John had condemned as an incestuous adulterer. John the Baptist was a Jewish preacher and baptizer. He was a precursor of Jesus Christ. At the birthday feast of King Herod,the king asks Salome to dance for him in exchange for anything she asks for and even presumably half his kingdom. Salome satisfies the king with her beauty and her presentation of her sensual dance. She then asks for the head of John the Baptist to please her mother.

LAYLA TAJ The Star Dancer

LAYLA TAJ is an international Egyptian Dancer. She has conquered the many genres of the entertainment industry with worldly attainment and prestige. She procured several contracts to perform at five star hotels in Cairo, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt and Dubai, UAE . She executed shows daily as an " in house daily performer and principal dancer " . 

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Layla Taj brings powerful historical women to life through her dance programs on stage and in film. Queen Cleopatra VII, Nefertiti and  Princess Salome are a few,  and she convinces us she is one of them ! 

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