LAYLA TAJ is a beautiful star belly dancer who has graced the most exclusive venues in the world. She is a trailblazer in the industry for landing exclusive contracts in Cairo and Dubai. Now in Florida, Layla's shows are with filled with sensual movements, lavish costumes and great music. You will undoubtedly impress your guests for hiring the best!

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 Salome's Dance of the Seven Veils

The story of Salome and her famous dance is a genuine biblical story.

Salome was the daughter of Queen Herodias and the stepdaughter of King Herod Antipas ruler of Galilee and Palestine.

Salome is used as her mothers tool of vengeance against John the Baptist, whom John had condemned as an incestuous adulterer. At the birthday feast of King Herod, he begs Salome to dance for him in exchange for anything she asks for and even presumably half his kingdom. Salome satisfies the king with her dance. She then asks for the head of John the Baptist to please her mother.

 Belly Dance Romance by Layla Taj

This beautiful and sensual private footage of Layla Taj is breathtaking and romantic! Hues of pink, coral  and white veils make for a perfect dreamy backdrop while Layla and moves her sexy body though the music. The words express her emotional searching for love while she retains her nobility, Don't miss this video!

 70"s Vintage Belly Dance by Layla Taj

This private and personal footage of Layla Taj's is just for you! Layla belly dances in a red hot belly dance costume that reflects that era, pair that with the super sexy flair of Layla's interpretation  of the 70's along with a vintage belly dance song behind her and you have one really hot sensual dance! A must see for all belly dance lovers!