This Arabic/Egyptian footage is a majestic representation of the Biblical "Salome". The depiction is tasteful without the gruesome tragic ending of John the Baptist which so many other interpretations have included. It's focal point is the beauty of Salome as a Princess and stepdaughter of a king. Salome was a gifted  dancer whose prowness did not go unnoticed so expect to see the tempting dance combinations and ancient far east melodies paired with the coquettish and the alluring finale of dropping all seven veils! 

The motive of Salome was to entice King Herod and to comply with her mother's ( Herodias) wishes of vengeance. The ending doesn't disappoint middle eastern dance enthusiasts, Layla Taj brings forth one of the most highly respected interpretations of Salome's Dance of the Seven Veils.  Academic sources have used this footage as a learning tool for educational purposes.


Layla Taj is a notable dancer who has performed throughout the globe.

She has landed numerous contracts in the middle east in the top five star resorts such as Cairo and Dubai. 

This channel delivers exciting sensual video productions without sacrificing the integrity of the artform.   


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